With a team of highly enthusiastic professionals, we are working hard to change the world for the better by making our fast pyrolysis technology a worldwide success.

Our technology enables customers to turn biomass residues into a renewable fuel: fast pyrolysis bio-oil (FPBO). FPBO can be used to replace crude oil, so that more fossil resources can stay untouched.

We’re on a mission, to offer the world an alternative for crude oil.

Marjolein Stuurman
Marjolein Stuurman, Project & Commissioning Engineer

Key facts about BTG Bioliquids

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What we value

Working towards a sustainable future

As a company, we want to contribute to a more sustainable future in which the needs of society and the planet are met, now and in the future.

Creating technical solutions for the better

We love technology – and the impact of our technology on one of the biggest challenges today: how to create a more sustainable energy supply.

Enjoying the pleasure of teamwork

There’s nothing more rewarding than being part of a team of enthusiastic professionals. We enjoy working hard towards a mutual goal and celebrating achievements together.

Meet our team

BTG Bioliquids consists of a team of diverse and enthusiastic professionals. Please meet the individuals of our team on this page and get to know more about us.

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Changing the world for the better

At BTG Bioliquids, we are dedicated to taking our responsibility for improving the quality of life for all of society. As a result of that dedication, sustainability is one of the most important aspects to consider in corporate decision-making. In everything we do, we seek to meet the needs of society and the planet, now and in the future.

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Business partners and shareholders

BTG Bioliquids has a policy of actively seeking cooperation with other companies to gather additional expertise. For both the construction of our plants and the development of pyrolysis applications this approach has proven very successful so far. BTG Bioliquids is registered as a private limited company under number 0816 7874 0000 at the Chamber of Commerce in Enschede, the Netherlands. BTG-Bioliquids is an independent company whose shares are jointly owned by BTG, BTG-Bioliquids personnel, Tree Power, Energy fund Overijssel and a private investor.


Join our team

Fast pyrolysis technology is rapidly becoming more important in the bioenergy and biofuels domain. To realize our potential we are always on the lookout for enthusiastic and skilled professionals in the field of basic- and process engineering and commissioning. If you want to play a part in the rollout of our technology and feel that your talent, drive and skillset could be of value to our company, do not hesitate to contact us. We like to get in touch!


Where it al started

BTG Biomass Technology Group, one of the pioneers in pyrolysis, started the fast pyrolysis developments with a new reactor concept to enable rapid mixing of biomass and hot bed material.


BTG Bioliquids established by BTG

BTG established BTG BioLiquids B.V. in response to the large amount of requests they were getting from the market concerning their pyrolysis technology. BTG Bioliquids is dedicated to the worldwide commercial implementation of the fast pyrolysis technology.


Start up of Empyro in the Netherlands

Start-up of the installation commenced in early 2015 and production has gradually increased since. The success of the Empyro project has served as the first leap towards full-scale fast pyrolysis technology commercialization.


Cooperation agreement with TechnipEnergies en starting BTG Bioliquids webshop

BTG Bioliquids signed an exclusive cooperation agreement with TechnipEnergies who provides EPC services for BTG Bioliquids modular pyrolysis plants. The same year have opened our webshop as we received a large amount of requests for pyrolysis oil samples from Empyro.


Empyro sold to Twence, the Netherlands

BTG Bioliquids sells the Empyro plant to Twence as it is not the purpose of BTG Bioliquids to produce oil ourself. In addition BTG Bioliquids was rewarded 2 commercial plant projects one at GreenFuel Nordic in Finland and one at Pyrocell in Sweden.


Start up of Green Fuel Nordic plant in Finland

Start up of Green Fuel Nordic plant in Finland. After transport, reassembly and commissioning of our modular plant first commercial FPBO production in December 2020.


Start up of Pyrocell plant in Sweden

First commercial FPBO production in September 2021.