With its multiple applications, fast pyrolysis bio-oil offers biomass owners a unique opportunity to create a higher value from their biomass residues. Our fast pyrolysis technology is designed to operate on a scale fitting in with the size and logistics of your biomass feedstock.

Finding the right market for your FPBO is a crucial part of defining your business case. At BTG Bioliquids, we have a lot of experience in that area. With our pyrolysis oil application consultancy, we’ll be glad to help you develop your business case, connect you with potential FPBO offtake customers and provide you with complementary services in the field of pyrolysis project development.

Defining the business case is the first step in creating value.

Tijs Lammens
Tijs Lammens, Senior Process Engineer

Consultancy services

To help you investigate the market potential for developing a fast pyrolysis production plant, we offer a broad range of consultancy services. In our consultancy work we benefit from first-hand experiences, as we have developed and exploited a commercial pyrolysis plant of our own. We’ll be more than happy to share our insights and expertise.

Feedstock testing

To determine the suitability of a specific type of biomass residues as feedstock for our fast pyrolysis process and the desired FPBO application, we offer potential customers a feedstock test. The test establishes the processability, yield and mass-energy balance of the feedstock and produces a reference bio-oil sample.

Feasibility studies

Before deciding on moving forward with a pyrolysis project, we perform a preliminary feasibility assessment, in which we take a closer look at the CAPEX and OPEX of the project and calculate the return on investment for our customer.

Application consultancy

Finding the right applications for your FPBO is a crucial part of defining your business case. With our knowledge and expertise we can help you find the right customers for your bio-oil.

Our technology: producing fast pyrolysis bio-oil (FPBO) from biomass residues

  • The fast pyrolysis process consists of a thermochemical decomposition of biomass through rapid heating, at a temperature of 450 – 600 °C in the absence of oxygen
  • A wide variety of biomass feedstocks can be converted into FPBO, a homogeneous energy carrier
  • By-products of the fast pyrolysis process are heat (steam) and power (electricity)
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Request a pyrolysis feedstock test quotation for converting your feedstock into pyrolysis oil.