In 2015 we delivered the first commercial-scale 24/7 FPBO production plant in the world. Since then, we’ve traveled the globe to bring our fast pyrolysis technology to whereever biomass residues are.

We designed and build commercial-scale pyrolysis plants in the Netherlands, Sweden and Finland. Soon to be followed by the rest of the world. Biomass owners can use our technology to create a higher value from their biomass residues, in a way that is both sustainable and economical.

Create value from your biomass residues, in a way that is both sustainable and economical.

Elwin Gansekoele
Elwin Gansekoele, Product Specialist & Commissioning Engineer

Supporting you every step of the way

There’s more to building a fast pyrolysis bio-oil production plant than just assembling the technology. We make sure you and your team gain the knowledge you need to manage the entire operation. Your staff will be trained in a training simulator tailored to BTG Bioliquids’ fast pyrolysis technology and process. They will be fit for the job by the time the real on-site operations start.

Furthermore, we offer support in other relevant areas such as:

  • FPBO sample ordering via webshop
  • Feedstock testing and analysis
  • Indicative project feasibility
  • Connecting biomass owners and FPBO off take customers
  • Turnkey project support

Our technology: producing fast pyrolysis bio-oil (FPBO) from biomass residues

  • The fast pyrolysis process consists of a thermochemical decomposition of biomass through rapid heating, at a temperature of 450 – 600 °C in the absence of oxygen
  • A wide variety of biomass feedstocks can be converted into FPBO, a homogeneous energy carrier
  • By-products of the fast pyrolysis process are heat (steam) and power (electricity)
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About BTG Bioliquids

Fast pyrolysis technology was developed at the University of Twente in 1987. In that same year our parent company, BTG Biomass Technology Group, started out as a spin-off from the University. In 2007 BTG established BTG BioLiquids, to market further develop and commercialize the BTG technology. Since then, we have been working hard to make fast pyrolysis technology a worldwide success. Our motto: Let’s change the world for the better – and enjoy working at it too!

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Gerhard Muggen
Gerhard Muggen | Managing Director

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