By achieving this, we will be supporting the decarbonization of the marine and heavy industry sectors. This PDA also paves the way for further spinoffs in sustainable biochemical and biofuel production. The implementation of fast pyrolysis in combination with FPBO fractionation technologies, which will occur within the context of this PDA with Euthenia, will accelerate a fast-track delivery of high-impact Pyrolytic bioMSAR fuel solution to serve global shipping fleets in the Mediterranean and widen the use cases of our technology while leveraging Euthenia’s successful bioenergy ventures.

This strategic PDA is in alignment with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations concerning shipping emissions, set to take effect in 2030. BTG Bioliquids, in collaboration with its partners, is poised to expedite the marine industry’s green transition with Pyrolytic bioMSAR. Furthermore, it is anticipated that binding terms will materialize and be signed by all parties within four months of the PDA signing. These terms will encompass larger diesel engine tests, marine vessel trials, and future commercial development.